This website describes my passion for the night sky including observations and sketches, planetary & lunar imaging, tracking variable stars and equipment making.

The Refreshing Views Observatory is in a village a few miles from Salisbury, Wiltshire in the south of England. It is adjacent to a large yew tree that dominates the sky to the south east. It holds a C11 SCT, a 60mm Lunt solar scope and a pair of tripod-mounted 100mm APM binoculars (see Equipment section).

I was using a 14″ Skywatcher goto dobsonian but this was sold as it could not see over the observatory walls.

When I am not using the observatory, I can be found under the dark skies of Salisbury Plain with the Salisbury Plain Observing Group; on Tenerife at the Mons Observatory and I am a member of both Andover AS .

Latest News

I have started putting videos on youtube: You Tube: Refreshing Views

Videos of the lunar eclipse, a visit to Les Granges in Southern France and my homemade parallelogram mount are uploaded already.  More to follow ….