Here is a derotated image from 13 September of Mars under quite exceptional centred between Solis Lacus and Tharsis. 

  • Arsia Mons seen as a bright region, I assume as the afternoon orographic cloud starts to form.
  • Olympus Mons and Ascraeus Mons are visible (but not Pavonis Mons for some reason).
  • Two smaller volcanoes Ulysses Thilus and Biblus Thilus detected.
  • Vallis Marineris detected as a brighter albedo region.
  • The South Polar Cap continues to shrink. There is a brighter region alongside, either an ice-remnant or small dust storm.
  • North Polar Hood just visible on the northern horizon.

 I had another session this morning (14 September) but the seeing was awful and the drifting cirrus prevented any sensible results. It was a pleasure to switch to the eyepiece and enjoy first-hand the view of a distant world.