Another clear night at the Observatory, this time with a ¾ waxing moon. Tonight, however, was one of those frustrating nights:

  • Midway through the session the power lead in the dob lost connection so I had to repeat the alignment procedure
  • The seeing was pretty mediocre
  • Bands of cirrus blew in and periodically dimmed the view – often in mid-capture!
  • The laptop kept on “locking up” leading to very low frame rates
  • Finally, the moon decided to pass behind the plum tree cuasing play to stop. The tree will be getting cut back after picking!

Anyway, here are the best pics of Bullialdus, Gassendi and Sinus Iridum.

Crater Bullialdus
Crater Bullialdus


Gassendi 20150529
Gassendi and Mare Humorum


sinus iridum 20150529
Sinus Iridum