Monday 1st December 2014

The recent run of grey skies has given me an opportunity to catch up with my old observations.
I try to be diligent in the field and record my notes/sketches in my logbook.  Unfortunately that is where they tend to remain!  Other commitments (work and family) and recent run of lunar and solar meant my backlog of old observations has really built up.

I started with my Winter Star Party notes from 8 months ago and, at the same time, cross referenced to my lapsed Herschel 400 observing project.  I have made very slow progress with this challenge.  The vast majority of objects are galaxies in Virgo and Ursa Major  so it looks like a couple of good runs in the spring should tick off about half of them!  Interestingly, I now know I have observed a number of objects that aren’t on the H400 list so progress is being made!