Wednesday 12 August 2015

I travelled to Kilmington near Mere for the Mendip and Dorset (MAD) Viewers Perseid watch on Whitesheet Hill. The lovely sunset was seen from the pub as we had a drink before driving up to the top of the hill. I set up my 30×100 APM binoculars on the homemade mount while a strong but warm wind kept the dew at bay. Frequent meteors were seen, including one that went off like a camera flash leaving a smoke trail but the clear skies were interrupted by frequent banks of cloud.

The clouds gave a good opportunity for some landscape photography and I did some casual viewing with Jonathan Gale until we saw the Pleiades rising out of the murk  at about 0115.  All in all a fun if not particularly productive night.

burial mound
Milky Way Above Burial Mound


Plough through clouds
Plough and Clouds


clouded out
Clouded Out
Cygnus Starfield
Cygnus Starfield


Saturday 15 August 2015

What a weekend! After a wildcamp in Bentley Woods and a day at the Bushcraft Show with Ed Hopper, we travelled to the Andover AS (of which I am now Secretary) Star BQ. It was partly cloudy but a good opportunity to eat loads and for some casual stargazing with the APM binos on their new mount. I also had some excellent views through Ian and Wendy’s 4” Genesis. What can be better than eating and star gazing? We even caught some meteors although I seemed to be facing the wrong way each time. I certainly heard lots of oohs and aahs! A great fun evening as we dodged the clouds!

Updated on 30 August: alas it has been wet and cloudy since these last two updates. I am now counting off the days until we fly to France for a week at Les Granges.