My observatory is already giving me a lot of pleasure.  I bought a second-hand pier and an adapter plate over the summer so, now the nights are getting longer, my observatory is up and running at a moment’s notice.

At the Eyepiece of the C11

As night falls and I roll the roof back, the bats are visible, flittering against the dark blue sky.  The children call them flutter mice which I think has a lovely ring to it.  Once darkness has fallen, I look out of the observatory to the Milky Way rising over the treeline with a smile on my face.  The neighbourly tawny owls are often heard calling to each other while the stars turn slowly overhead.

I can see Mars laughing at me through the trees.  It is so low I cannot observe it and miss the views we had from the Mons Observatory in Tenerife.  Instead, I am working my way through the Herschel 400 my on-off project for the past few years.

September’s clear night have seen me tick off 9 deep sky objects (some not in the H400) including 2 sketches.  That’s Aquila and Delphinus complete – and the beautiful sights of the beautiful Veil Nebula (with the UHC filter), M27 the Dumbbell Nebula and M11 the Wild Duck open cluster.

NGC 6781 – A Ghostly Planetary Nebula in Aquila
The Blue Flash Nebula – a Planetary in Delphinus

NGC 6751 Planetary Nebula Aquila

NGC 6741 Planetary Nebula Aquila

NGC 6760 Globular Cluster Aquila

NGC 6781 Planetary Nebula Aquila ~ The Ghost of the Moon

NGC 6755 Open Cluster Aquila

NGC 6756 Open Cluster Aquila

NGC 6834 Globular Cluster Delphinus

NGC 7006 Globular Cluster Delphinus

NGC 6905 Planetary Nebula Delphinus ~ The Blue Flash Nebula