After a fairly long gap between sessions, it was good to get outside again. I had to go “old school” and star hop as, for some reason, the power cable to the handset kept on disconnecting causing the handset to reboot. I started with M3, Glob Canes Venatici simply awesome especially when increasing powers 130-165-217x with the power switch. I then star hopped from Vendl’x to rho Vir and found nearby:

NGC 4605 G Vir                 Small semi stellar core with fainter, elongated halo.

NGC 4596 G Vir                 Slightly brighter version of nearby NGC 4605.

I then star hopped from B CVn to NGC 4449 in Canes Venatici where  I spent over half an hour studying this fascinating galaxy! Appears to be a bent arc  but with much mottling surrounded by outer halo that responds well to averted vision. Worth returning to.

NGC4449 20150518
NGC 4449 Through 14″ Newtonian x217