I stayed up late on the 7 March to photograph Jupiter’s moons Europa and then Io passing in front of Jupiter.  The video below is from ~2300-0100, each frame taken about 5 minutes apart.  The atmospheric seeing changed throughout as can be seen in the fine detail within the belts.  First up, ice covered Europa approaches and then transits across Jupiter with its shadow on the cloud tops.  Then Io, the most volcanic body in the solar system, approaches and casts its shadow on the cloud tops.

Jupiter 20160307 2fps loop

Watching celestial dynamics in real time is simply awesome! Not bad for a second hand telescope from a garden in southern England.  I would have liked to have watched the transits until their conclusion in the small hours but, with a 2.5h drive for work in the morning, I grudgingly packed up at 0100.

This was made with the 6-inch Maksutov, ASI224 camera on ioptron ZEQ25 mount.