Observing the moon, while dodging clouds, on 25 March 2021 with a distinctly volcanic theme.

Mons Guithuisen Gamma and Delta

Two, relatively large, lunar volcanoes near Sinus Iridum, on the border between Mare Imbrium and Oceanus Procellarum. Both are 20km in diameter, rising gently to 900m. I note that Gamma has a summit pit whereas Delta does not.

Aristarchus Plateau

Always a beautiful sight! Not only is there the impressive Schroter’s valley and its volcanic source, the Cobra’s Head, but there are a number of smaller rilles towards the ruined crater Prinz. It is interesting to note that Aristarchus, Herodotus and Prinz have approximately the same diameter but have suffered under different morphologies.  Prinz has been flooded leaving only the remnants of a crater rim; Schroter is on higher ground so has not been flooded by, I assume, the same lava that cut Schroter’s valley; whereas Aristarchus is so young it has not been affected by the lava that flooded Oceanus Procellarum.

Marius Hills

Count the volcanoes! So many in this field of view – and I note that a number remain hidden beyond the terminator.  A fascinating region.